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  • Need Support ? Reach us at email@relanco.com

Mosquito Killer Lamp
Mosquito Killer Lamp
Mosquito Killer Lamp
Mosquito Killer Lamp
Mosquito Killer Lamp

Mosquito Killer Lamp

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  • Electronic Insect Killer Bug Zapper with USB Powered Mosquito Trap Lamp

Anti-mosquito lamps function by emitting ultraviolet light, which can be seen by all insects. Mosquitoes are attracted to different spectra. Then enter the powerful wind and die.

    • The Latest Technology

    The mosquito killer adopts the latest technology and emits light with a wavelength of 365 NM, which has a fatal attraction to mosquitoes and can obtain better trapping results. With high-speed rotating blades, enough to hang mosquitoes.

    • Easy to Clean

    Our mosquito repellent is not only safe and harmless, but it also can be cleaned in the body. The mosquito killer uses a 360-degree flip cover. Gently turn and pull back to open it easily, and then directly drain the dead mosquitoes.

    • Powerful Functions

    The mosquito killer installed a 360-degree  window and a 2200 rpm airflow fan. The mosquitoes were attracted to the vortex of the airflow by the ultraviolet rays, and they die. A virtually noise-free environment for a comfortable night.

    • Explanation

    1. Place the mosquito killer on the ground at least 0.5 meters for optimal capture.
    2. Close the doors and windows and keep the device away from other competing light sources for optimal capture.
    3. When the product is working properly, do not put your hand into the product or play with the machine to avoid being scratched by fans or other accidents.

    Features :

    • Powerful Effective - Mosquito killer use 365 NM wavelength UV light which was like mosquito and insect candy. All kinds of insects would die for this kind of light.

    • Ultraviolet Light - Our mosquito killer uses 365nm wavelength ultraviolet light to attract mosquitoes and bugs.Mosquito attracted by ultraviolet rays of 360-degree direction will be sucked into the insect trap, and the suction of the built-in streamlined fan will hang the mosquito completely.

    • Suitable for Dark Environment- When using the bug zapper , try to turn off the lights or dim the light in the area where the mosquito is being driven , avoid interference from other light sources.It's better if you stay away from it for a while after it's turned on,because the carbon dioxide you produce is more attractive to mosquitoes than a mosquito killer !



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